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At Murphy Boyden Real Estate we are focused on quality marketing and will tailor a suitable marketing package for your property.

Some key elements of our marketing are:

· Professional photographer and property writer
· Colour Signboard with property photos
· Colour Home Open handouts
· Internet and Facebook
· Weekend Home Opens
· All Sales Team inspection
· Buyer Tracking System
· Sneak Preview Club
Buyer Tracking System
We have a database of qualified buyers, ready to buy properties in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. With our unique Buyer Tracking System we can match a buyer to a suitable property at the click of a button.

Sneak Preview Club
When a new property is listed, our registered buyers are advised of it’s availability via email prior to any advertising.
The internet is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool, as it enables people to access the property information in their own time, in their own home or office. Recent sales indicate that approximately  35% - 45% of our buyers found the property on one of our web sites:    
                                     murphyboyden.com.au  or  realestate.com.au or reiwa.com.au 
All Murphy Boyden Real Estate Sales Representatives are qualified and receive ongoing training.
Local knowledge is a key ingredient in a successful Real Estate Agent and we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our Sales Representatives are experts in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder area.
Asset Management
Our qualified property managers have years of experience and work hard to ensure that our high standards of property maintenance are achieved. We ensure that our Investors benefit from the smooth and efficient service provided. Again, at Murphy Boyden Real Estate, quality is important and this also reflects in our Asset Management department.
Preparing your home For Sale
Sometimes even the most beautifully presented home could do with a little touch up to make it more attractive to buyers.
At other times, there are plenty of examples of people who have spent money unnecessarily, and the amount spent will in no way increase their sale potential.
At Murphy Boyden Real Estate we have the experience and market knowledge to properly advise you on how best to prepare your home—for the least cost and the best result! Part of our Appraisal Service to you will include a pre sale inspection to assist you in achieving a maximum result. 
Set The Price Right
The Sales Representative that says the only way to get a high price is to, “start high then come down”, this is DANGEROUS!
High demand creates a sellers’ market. Low demand creates a buyers’ market.
We know that the properties that sell are those that are priced closest to their estimated market value (research shows within 5%)
If you have ever bought a home, you will remember how quickly you   become an expert in areas you were interested in buying in. If a buyer sees value, they will pay the price!
If buyers see a home overpriced, they vote with their feet and walk away. That home becomes stale on the market and is harder to sell.
The Initial Marketing Period is the Most Important.
The initial marketing period is when the best buyers are likely to come through the property. Buyers are out there waiting for their dream home to come onto the market, so they are ready to look when it does. 
Price & Marketing 
Any Sales Representative can sign up a listing for a long period of time, do no marketing, bring their favourite buyer around for an inspection, then move onto the next house…. No marketing, no open days. Locked into a contract with no marketing plan.
You must establish a marketing plan and attack the market place. Throw the net out wide, and reach all potential buyers.
The more you invest in marketing, the more buyers you reach.
WARNING: Beware the Sales Representative who says they have the buyers and marketing is not required. Those who tell you not to advertise in the open market are often trying to get a quick sale with a buyer they’ve been working closely with.
You must find out if there are other buyers in the market for your property. The idea of good marketing is to create potential competition. Since you are paying the bill, this is a must! You deserve the choice.
The market is constantly moving, there are always new buyers coming onto the scene. To be sure of receiving the highest offer, throw the net out as wide as you can.
At Murphy Boyden Real Estate we have many marketing options   available to you and our Sales Representatives can effectively work out a marketing plan for you and your property. Our rates are very  competitive and are sure to get you results!

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